It’s not just your home that benefits from a regular tidying up and weeding out. Your business will also be easier to manage once it’s reorganized and de-cluttered. Here are some great tips that can save you time and money all year long.

  1. Records
  • Move all paperwork related to completed jobs and 2017 activity into storage.
  • Use that newly freed-up space in the filing cabinet to clear your desk of everything not immediately necessary.
  • Do the same for digital files on your computer, server or the cloud. Delete, compress or archive them externally.
  • And how about your computer’s desktop — are all those icons helping or hindering your ability to find something quickly?
  • Scan hand-written notes and file them digitally so you can throw out the paper.
  1. Communications
  • Email detox: Archive all emails not related to current activity.
  • Organize the emails you’re keeping into folders so you can easily find them again.
  • Create rules or filters for certain email subject lines.
  • Unsubscribe from sales emails that take up too much of your inbox real estate.
  • What frequent emails can you automate using technology?
  1. Financials
  • Revisit your small business loans. Are better rates available?
  • Ditto for utilities, shipping and any other services your small business uses. There may be more and better options since the last time you did your research.
  • Get caught up on your accounting and bookkeeping. Delegate this task to an expert CPA team.
  • Consolidate inventory and re-evaluate products that are not selling.
  • Do a competitive comparison. Have competitors’ products, services and prices changed in relation to yours? This could be a signal that the market is changing.

If this seems like a daunting list, just pick the ones that are most important to your small business, or that you feel need the most improvement. And remember, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.   Some tasks may call for professional assistance. Xendoo offers bookkeeping catch up services that can wipe out nearly any backlog in less than two weeks — even if you’re years behind. Let’s clear the decks so that your business can move forward in 2018!