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Bookkeeping for eCommerce

Xendoo offers a dedicated CPA team so you can spend more time scaling your eCommerce business and less time worrying about the books. Xendoo offers a low, flat monthly rate with unprecedented service and response. We also understand eCommerce business needs such as multi-state sales tax and 3rd party integrations.  We’re your eCom CPA.



Xero + A2X Optimized…             Zero Hassle!

A certified Xero Connected Application. A2X gives Amazon merchants automated accounting by posting easy-to-reconcile summary invoices to Xero. Account for your Amazon revenue and expenses quickly and easily in a familiar, Xero-like way.

Inventory Control for eCommerce: Getting the Balance Right

As an ecommerce retailer, you may not have a bricks-and-mortar store, or even your own warehouse and fulfillment facility. But that doesn’t mean inventory control has to be more difficult. With the right mix of tools and strategies, you can manage your…

5 Ways to Slash Ecommerce Shipping Costs

“Free shipping” — it’s what customers today expect to see when they shop on online. So how can an ecommerce seller absorb those shipping costs without wreaking havoc on its profits?

7 Don’t-Miss Tax Deductions for Ecommerce Businesses

Why settle for standard business deductions, when there are more opportunities to lower your tax bill, some of them seemingly tailor made for ecommerce businesses?

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Sign up for a trial, and get full access to Xendoo. We’ll do a calendar month of your bookkeeping and provide you with a set of financial statements for free.

How It Works

Say good bye to paper receipts and bank statements. We digitally reconcile your expenses each week and provide you with financial reports so you can stay ahead of your business’s financial health.

Our pricing

Get a full-service accounting solution for one low, flat rate. Each package includes weekly bookkeeping, financial reports and unlimited tax consulting. Additional packages include the corporate tax return and annual tax planning.

What’s included

Unlike other online bookkeeping solutions, Xendoo has CPAs on your team to provide you with unlimited tax consulting. Not only will you be tax ready throughout the year, but we’ll also file your state and Federal tax return.