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Erik Simons

Erik Simons has been a serial internet entrepreneur for more than 14 years, beginning his internet career by pioneering online affiliate marketing networks for the gaming industry and providing performance-based advertising solutions that are still in use today. Simons has founded multiple internet companies around the globe, establishing software development companies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic regions.

In the late 1990’s, Simons created software platforms aimed at leveraging the rapid growth and importance of internet search. Using his performance- based solutions, Mr. Simons generated several hundred million dollars in revenues for well- known advertisers such as BestBuy, Amazon.com, eEbay, Travelocity, Walmart, Disney, Barnes & Noble, NBC, AT&T, Circuit city, DirectTV and many more. Simons also founded Carmercial in (1997), which has become the automotive industry’s leading provider of innovative video advertising solutions, today serving all major automobile manufacturers.

Simons’ entrepreneurial success earned the request of the European Union (EU) Government Agencies to serve as an advisor on IT issues related to the accession of former Eastern Block countries to the EU. In this role, Simons established training programs for IT staff at Nuclear Power plant facilities in Latvia and also helped shape several IT courses at the University of Riga. In addition, through his development office in Seoul, Simons created a software platform which allowed South Koreans to navigate the web in their own native language for the first time.

Most recently, Simons invented platforms for the optimization and distribution of web video for USOnetworks, which he co-founded with entrepreneur John Ferber. USOnetworks was the foundation for Bidtellect, a leading platform in native advertising and also a basis for the creation of microgiving.com, an internet-based, charity-driven, crowd-funding site which aims to directly connect donors with those in need.

Simons continues to work towards building the future of advanced programming, specifically with a keen interest in M-commerce, developing interactive mobile systems including reverse auctions and integrated financial technology solutions, like Xendoo.

Simons has a personal passion for aviation. When he is not pushing a development team to the furthest edges of technology he is pushing his high G capable aerobatic Extra 300 to the limits during his aerobatic routines.