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Five Customer Loyalty Tricks for Fitness Franchisees

As a franchise owner in the health and wellness space, you know the challenge of getting new customers through your door. The membership model, while very profitable, can be tough when it comes to customer acquisition. Signing up for a new gym membership or package of fitness classes is a big commitment for most people.

Using Your Food Effectively: Three Tips to Control Food Costs for Restaurant Owners

As a restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate. Hopefully you have your inventory under control, buy in bulk, and carefully manage food orders. Even still, food waste could be eating away at your profits and costing your restaurant big bucks in the long run.

A Prettier Profit and Loss Statement: Up- and Cross-Selling Techniques for Salon Owners

Chances are you got into the beauty industry because you love the opportunity to meet new people day after day — and help them feel more beautiful than they did when they first walked in your door. “Sales” probably wasn’t high on your list of pros.

Getting Back to Basics: 5 customer engagement strategies for health and wellness business owners

When it comes to fitness, sometimes it’s important to get back to basics before tackling more difficult exercises. And it’s exactly the same in business. Making sure your customer engagement strategy has a strong foundation gives you and your staff the tools they need to tackle more complicated issues and strategies down the line.

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