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Government Notices

It happens to all of us. You find a notice in your mailbox about your taxes or payroll compliance and you feel a shiver go down your spine. With Xendoo, there’s no more anxiously awaiting a call back from your CPA for days or weeks. Just snap a photo with your phone, submit through the mobile app, and hear back from your CPA team within 48 hours. Now that’s real peace of mind.

irs notices
irs notices

IRS Notices

Worry no more!  If you find an IRS notice in your mailbox, simply open your Xendoo mobile App, snap a picture and hit send. Your dedicated CPA team will respond to you in one business day or less, and to the IRS on your behalf in 48 hours. We help you stay compliant and worry free so you can get back to business.

sales tax notices

State and Sales Notices

State Tax and Sales Tax varies by location, but one thing they all have in common is how important it is to stay compliant to avoid complications. Team Xendoo responds to the right department within 48 hours of receiving a notice from your business.

payroll notices

Payroll Notices

These types of notices can be triggered for a number of reasons. Xendoo provides your payroll company with the right information to respond accurately and without delay.

upload notices

24/7 Peace of Mind. Xendoo App

Xendoo’s mobile app allows you to access all of your business’s financials, including monthly reports and annual tax returns, at the touch of a button. You can even use it to quickly and easily upload an image of  government notices you may receive. Rest assured your dedicated CPA team will respond at lightning speed to you and the right government agency.

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government notices

Government Notices

Stress-Free Notices