You deserve a team of real people, dedicated to your business financials, doing your accounting for you.

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Lil Roberts

Steve Gelley, CPA

Our story

Founders Lil Roberts and Steven Gelley  share a passion for small business. Both serial entrepreneurs, experienced first-hand the short falls of the accounting industry. An industry ripe for change the two began Xendoo with the goal to provide small business owners with accessibility to CPAs, predictability of pricing, and speed to their numbers delivered through a technology foundation.

With a keen eye for innovation and a desire to help small business owners,  Roberts and Gelley joined forces in 2015 when they embarked on a journey to reshape an industry. The increasingly archaic accounting industry with its unpredictable pricing, outdated methods and inaccessibility is not the recipe small business owners need in order to grow.

The two identified the need to leverage technology in order to delivery a better experience.  The pair began tirelessly drawing out the blueprints for what is today the Xendoo platform.



After thorough vetting of various accounting software programs, the pair decided to wrap around Xero, a globally recognized cloud-based solution. The partnership with Xero would help forge the way to offer weekly bookkeeping driven by real-time data.

The next step was to build-out Xendoo’s own proprietary work flow technology that would allow the Xendoo team the ability to 10x the productivity of a traditional bookkeeper and CPA.

In addition to being featured on CNBC’s “The Job Interview,” recent accolades include winning the 2018 eMerge Americas prestigious tech competition. You can read more about our press here.

Real people, real-time support

You deserve a team of real people, bookkeepers and CPAs, dedicated to your business’s financials, doing your accounting for you.