You Let Freedom Ring and So Does Xendoo

Our real-time bookkeeping technology sets you free from accounting hassles.

You Let Freedom Ring and So Does Xendoo

Our real-time bookkeeping technology sets you free from accounting hassles.

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Modern accounting for today’s business needs. Your numbers where and when you need them.

Xendoo approaches your accounting year-round with Tax Preparation and Savings in mind.

Our flat, Monthly Low-Rate is what your traditional accountant charges per hour. Get more out of your accounting with Xendoo.

Your Xendoo CPA Team doesn’t go missing when you need us most. We’re always available for a live chat, email or by phone.

online bookkeeping reports

Online Bookkeeping Reports

Xendoo moves at the pace of today’s small businesses.  We move quickly so you can make informed decisions, faster. You’ll receive  a profit and loss statement, and balance sheet at the close of each month. Xendoo online bookkeeping services also provide a dashboard that shows business trends over time. Tax packages include online tax preparation and filing services.

Your Xero software subscription fees are included within your Xendoo monthly service.

Also, with Xendoo’s convenient online portal and mobile app, data and reports are at your fingertips with an on-the-go CPA team to back them up. Are you at the bank applying for a loan? Your Xendoo team is a touch away.

Here’s how we can help

As a Philadelphia small business owner, you play many roles. And probably your least favorite role is Accounting Manager. You didn’t start a business to spend your days doing your bookkeeping, figuring profit and loss, doing payroll, filling out sales tax reports and all the other boring, confusing paperwork.

That’s where Xendoo comes in. What you think is a hassle is what we love to do. And we’ve created a way to do it twice as fast, accurately and efficiently as your traditional bookkeeping firm, for half (or even less) what you pay them.

Thanks to our cloud-based technology solutions, many routine tasks are automated. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of human mistakes, but our people have their time freed to provide your Philadelphia business with the personal expertise and service it deserves. 

Your time is liberated too. Because your bank transactions are integrated directly with the accounting software, you never have to send us the paperwork.

Any time is a good time to access your Xendoo account. With our exclusive mobile app and online portal, your important reports and files are always at your fingertips. If you receive a government tax notice, you can upload it right away. And your profit and loss statement will be available by the 5th business days of the following month.

No more tax return hassles as you or your traditional bookkeeping company try to do a year’s worth of work in a couple of days. Xendoo keeps your business in a tax-ready position year-round, by weekly reconciling your accounts. Your dedicated CPA team can also help you prepare and file Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania state or U.S. federal income and sales taxes.

As a Philadelphia small business, have you been doing your own bookkeeping and fallen far behind? Our catch up service will take that weight off your shoulders — even if it’s been growing for years — nearly always in less than a month.

Xendoo gives Philadelphia small business owners the freedom to do what they love, and the peace of mind that their bookkeeping is getting done right.

Give us a try for free.

Sign up for a trial, and get full access to Xendoo. We’ll do a month of your bookkeeping and provide you with a set of financial statements for free.