Portland bookkeeping and accounting services

Portland Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Double the speed, accuracy and convenience at half the cost.

It’s Time to Capitalize on the Xendoo Advantage

Double the speed, accuracy and convenience at half the cost.

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Modern accounting for today’s business needs. Your numbers where and when you need them.

Xendoo approaches your accounting year-round with Tax Preparation and Savings in mind.

Our flat, Monthly Low-Rate is what your traditional accountant charges per hour. Get more out of your accounting with Xendoo.

Your Xendoo CPA Team doesn’t go missing when you need us most. We’re always available for a live chat, email or by phone.

online bookkeeping reports

Online Bookkeeping Reports

Xendoo moves at the pace of today’s small businesses.  We move quickly so you can make informed decisions, faster. You’ll receive  a profit and loss statement, and balance sheet at the close of each month. Xendoo online bookkeeping services also provide a dashboard that shows business trends over time. Tax packages include online tax preparation and filing services.

Your Xero software subscription fees are included within your Xendoo monthly service.

Also, with Xendoo’s convenient online portal and mobile app, data and reports are at your fingertips with an on-the-go CPA team to back them up. Are you at the bank applying for a loan? Your Xendoo team is a touch away.

Portland Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Here’s how we can help

How can we make such a claim? Simple: it’s our cutting edge, cloud-based technology. The Xendoo system integrates seamlessly with your own business management software as well as your bank, drastically cutting the hassles you associate with accounting, tax prep, payroll and more. You’re set free to do what you love about your profession.

Our expert CPA team is set free too. With little or no manual data entry, mistakes are prevented and time is saved. Time that we dedicate to providing you with personalized service, extensive knowhow of small business bookkeeping, and strategic planning. Imagine, having an accountant who will respond to your call, text or email the same day, not tomorrow or next week!

You’re always in the loop with Xendoo. Our exclusive smartphone app and online portal lets you can access your financials anytime, anywhere — your Portland business office, family home or a hotel on the other side of the world.

The Xendoo app is a two-way street. You can also scan and email documents, such as an IRS letter, to us from your location, for our immediate attention.

Like many small business owners in Portland, you’re probably bored and/or terrified by accounting chores. Things like processing payroll, reporting sales tax and analyzing monthly profit and loss. Part of the Xendoo advantage is the peace of mind you get from knowing it’s all being taken care of by experts.

Another thing you probably have in common with all Portland business owners is the tax headache. Here’s how Xendoo makes it painless: Each entry in your books is tax coded immediately, so there’s no year’s worth of work to do at tax time. Your business always stands ready for an Portland city, Texas state or U.S. federal tax filing or audit.

It’s never too late to get the Xendoo advantage. No matter how big your bookkeeping backlog has grown, we can get you caught up fast, usually in less than a month.

Portland, it’s time to cash in on the Xendoo advantage, and rediscover the reason you went into business in the first place.

Give us a try for free.

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