San Diego online bookkeeping services

You’re a Good Place to Live.
We Make It a Great Place to Do Business

Xendoo’s tech-smart bookkeeping helps you grow your business and enjoy life too.

online bookkeeping services in San Diego

You’re a Good Place to Live.
We Make It a Great Place to Do Business

Xendoo’s tech-smart bookkeeping helps you grow your business and enjoy life too.

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online bookkeeping services in san diego

Your Florida-based bookkeepers reconcile your account each week. Get a dedicated bookkeeper who is responsive and experienced in small business bookkeeping – at a fraction of the cost.

online bookkeeping services in san diego

For the online bookkeeping plans with the accounting option, you’ll get access to a dedicated CPA. Our online CPAs can help guide you through your tax related questions throughout the year, plus provide online tax preparation services.

san diego bookkeeping services

Each month you will receive a profit and loss and balance sheet, giving you vital insight into your business’s health. When you login to your Xendoo portal or mobile app, you’ll get visual data on your businesses’ performance throughout the year.

san deigo bookkeeping packages

Our online bookkeepers can help you get caught up with your historical bookkeeping. Clean up reconciliation is available to customers that sign up for one of our bookkeeping packages. Payroll, sales tax and IRS notices are also provided.

online bookkeeping reports

Online Bookkeeping Reports

Xendoo moves at the pace of today’s small businesses.  We move quickly so you can make informed decisions, faster. You’ll receive  a profit and loss statement, and balance sheet at the close of each month. Xendoo online bookkeeping services also provide a dashboard that shows business trends over time. Tax packages include online tax preparation and filing services.

Your Xero software subscription fees are included within your Xendoo monthly service.

Also, with Xendoo’s convenient online portal and mobile app, data and reports are at your fingertips with an on-the-go CPA team to back them up. Are you at the bank applying for a loan? Your Xendoo team is a touch away.

bookkeeping services in San Diego California

Here’s how we can help

There’s a very good life to be had in San Diego outside of your workplace. But how can a business owner enjoy it when there’s always more financial paperwork to do? The answer is Xendoo, the outsource bookkeeping solution for the 21st century.

Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based accounting software automates all those tasks that used to take hours, from sending and paying bills, to copying bank transactions into your books, to processing payroll. And it’s all done for a flat monthly fee that small businesses can afford.

With digital connectivity on your desktop computer or smart device, your financial reports, important files and tax info are always just a touch away.

We haven’t forgotten the human side of great service. Simply call, text or email your Xendoo CPA and bookkeeping team for fast answers and experienced advice, whether you’re sitting in your San Diego office, relaxing at home or traveling anywhere in the world.

Get the info you need in good time to spot potential problems and seize opportunities. Xendoo guarantees to send your financial reports within 5 business days of the end of the month.

Be ready at a moment’s notice for San Diego city, California state and U.S. federal tax filings or audits, thanks to Xendoo’s year-round tax coding on every entry. Plus, we can point out strategies for reducing your tax bill.

Catch up on your belated bookkeeping — painlessly. Even if you’re years in arrears, Xendoo will bring you up to date, usually in less than a month.

Remember why you started a business in San Diego in the first place: to do what you love and have the life you want. With Xendoo taking care of the financial work, that dream can become a reality.

Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself with our one month free trial.

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