There’s a simple reason why big brands make their products available to customers in several places online: it works. So if people can only buy your products through your website, read on to learn how you might be missing out.

Why it works
There’s no telling when or where a customer will search for a solution your business can provide them. The benefit of multiple online storefronts — also known as omnichannel sales — is that you exponentially increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time. Your customers are using big online marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook Shop because they trust the payment gateways, swift delivery, and wide selection. So why aren’t you?

Google Shopping
Google Shopping offers customers the convenience of finding exactly what they’re looking for right from a Google search. When integrated with your existing shop, you won’t even have to make separate updates to Google when offering new products. The Google Merchant Center makes set up simple and gives you access to Google’s powerful ad tools.

Did you know that 45% of shoppers start their product search at Amazon? That means if you’re not selling through Amazon, almost half of online shoppers may never see your product. Since the world’s most powerful marketplace also handles distribution, it can be a little more complicated to get set up initially. Software that integrates all of your online shops makes this a whole lot easier.

Facebook Shop
Chances are you already have a Facebook page to promote your business. So why not make it even easier to turn fans into customers? Facebook makes it extremely simple to add a Shop section to your page so customers never even have to leave the social network to make a purchase.

It’s easier to do than you think!
Many ecommerce business owners have a hard enough time managing their one and only online shop, so it’s understandable why the idea of branching out might have you running for the hills. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to manage multiple storefronts from one place with software that integrates your ecommerce platforms and accounting. That means just one destination to monitor and manage inventory, add new products, and keep track of customer data.

At Xendoo, we can recommend software and products that can help you branch out without getting burnt out.