With online bill paying from your computer or mobile app now so convenient, we’re
always surprised by how many small business owners still make payments with paper
checks. It seems like a harmless habit, but is it really? Let’s see.
Here’s an example of the costs of writing 100 checks a month.


Employee Labor

Bank Fees



Total Monthly Cost


We didn’t even include potential costs such as late fees because the invoice approval,
check signing and mailing process took so long. Or the fact that you’d have more free
time to creatively grow your business if your accounts payable system was automated.
When you use Xendoo, you’ll have a complete software solution that streamlines the
entire process from automatic syncing with the accounting system to direct deposit in
the vendor’s bank account. And you can access it from your mobile device (or desktop
computer) at any time. After all, you have better things to do with your time — and money!