At Xendoo, we believe that maintaining your business’s financials should be convenient, simple, and easy to understand. We believe that when you are equipped with the right financial information, you have the power to transform your business. That’s why Xendoo provides clients with a dedicated CPA team to handle everything from weekly bookkeeping, tax-ready accounting, payroll, and more.

It’s also why we use Xero, the emerging global leader of online accounting software, to connect us to you.

So, why Xero?

Xero was built with small business owners in mind. So whether you run a law firm or salon, sell clothing or dog treats, Xero understands that effective financial planning can, and will, tip your business’s scales.

Small businesses are highly sensitive to shifts in their balance sheet and cash flow. That’s why it’s so crucial you be able to simply monitor your financials and quickly make decisions based on them.

Xero works when and where you are

With Xendoo, backed by Xero integration, your financials are accessible from any device with access to the Internet. By using the cloud, your data is accessible 24/7, highly secure, and always backed up.

Xero helps you get paid faster

With online invoices you can monitor, Xero makes it easy to track customers and make sure you get paid. View whether your customer has opened your invoice and make it easy for them to pay you online. The faster your invoicing process, the faster you get paid. Long gone are the days of paper invoices sent through the mail.

Xero automates tasks so you can get back to business

Wish you didn’t have to keep track of and follow up on open invoices? Now you don’t have to. One of Xero’s many smart features is the ability to set up automatic reminders that will reach out to late-paying customers however often you see fit. It’s just one of the ways Xero helps make doing business just a little bit easier.

Xero helps you collaborate with advisors, partners, and employees

One of the biggest challenges of hard-drive based accounting software is the inability to easily share the data. How often have you exported a report only to realize that by the time you meet to review, the real-time numbers have already changed? Xero helps you share financial records from a single point to make collaboration smoother than ever. It also gives you the ability to restrict access to those who may need some, but not all of the numbers.

Xero grows with your business

Xendoo understands that small businesses take many different shapes and sizes, and have many different needs. Your dedicated Xendoo accounting advisors can help craft a custom solution to fit your specific needs and goals.

So just how much does Xendoo <3 Xero?

At Xendoo, we know that a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based accounting software can be a game changer for small businesses. We love it so much that your Xero software subscription is included in your Xendoo monthly service!

Let us show you how Xendoo and Xero can transform your business.