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Bookkeeping for Professionals

Xendoo offers a dedicated CPA team so you can spend more time scaling your eCommerce business and less time worrying about the books. Xendoo offers a low, flat monthly rate with unprecedented service and response. We understand your business.



Just What the Doctor Ordered: 3 cash flow tips for medical practices

You don’t need a second opinion to know that the healthcare landscape is drastically changing. Insurance companies are paying less and patients are paying more — yet many medical practices continue to run their business the same way they did five years ago.

5 Accounting Tips for Lawyers: How to keep your numbers in order beyond a reasonable doubt

Can you remember why you first wanted to become a lawyer? Helping the defenseless, high earning potential, and an intellectual challenge may have been a few of the reasons why. Diving into the exciting world of legal accounting was probably not high on your list!

7 Tax Tips for Independent Realtors

As a self-employed realtor, you face some unique challenges when tax-season comes knocking at your door. Since you don’t have taxes withheld from a regular paycheck, it’s up to you to lessen your tax burden by identifying all of the deductible expenses you incur throughout the year.

Insuring Your Future: A Tax-Saving Retirement Guide for Insurance Professionals

You spend day after day helping your clients protect their assets from the unexpected. Take a moment today to think about protecting yourself from the 100% expected: your retirement.

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How It Works

Say good bye to paper receipts and bank statements. We digitally reconcile your expenses each week and provide you with financial reports so you can stay ahead of your business’s financial health.

Our pricing

Get a full-service accounting solution for one low, flat rate. Each package includes weekly bookkeeping, financial reports and unlimited tax consulting. Additional packages include the corporate tax return and annual tax planning.

What’s included

Unlike other online bookkeeping solutions, Xendoo has CPAs on your team to provide you with unlimited tax consulting. Not only will you be tax ready throughout the year, but we’ll also file your state and Federal tax return.