Sales tax

Simply put, sales tax is a fee that states and municipalities require businesses to pay in order to sell their products. It’s paid by your customers to you, so that you can in turn file each month or quarter with Uncle Sam. Xendoo’s sales tax experts prepare and file your taxes accurately and on time so you can stay compliant. (They also give you plenty of advance notice to make sure funds are available.)

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Amazon multi-state

Sales tax can be tricky business for Amazon FBA sellers. If you store inventory in an Amazon Fulfillment Center, you will owe sales tax in that state. Amazon may inventory your products in multiple states causing one customer purchase to trigger multiple state sales tax events. Xendoo helps Amazon stores stay compliant month after month.

Professional services

If you operate a professional services business, you generally aren’t required to pay sales tax. But there are a few exceptions, If you are a service business but sell products to complement your services, you may be respondible to collect sales tax. Xendoo helps you sort it all out so you can focus on serving customers and increasing profits.


If you sell products online, or have multiple fulfillment locations, keep in mind that various Internet sales tax rules may apply to your business. Xendoo’s CPAs are up to date on all the latest regulations so you stay compliant with the government.


Operating a retail location where goods are sold means paying all applicable state, county, and city sales taxes. Remember that this may vary between your locations and that you may even be impacted by industry-specific sales tax rules. Xendoo’s sales tax experts can guide you through the maze of regulations and help you stay compliant so you can get back to business

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